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Expert Instructors provides live online tutoring from expert SAT instructors.

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Our platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze each student’s progress and performance to make sure we spend time working on the topics that will maximize each student’s score.

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Online SAT tutoring is only $17 $10/hr. No minimum number of sessions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

After signing up, students take a free diagnostic SAT.

Based on the results of the test and your desired score, our system recommends a number of tutoring hours to reach your score.

Our intelligent system also recommends lessons and practice for you to do with a tutor to ensure you are always working on the most important topics that can raise your score the most!

Throughout tutoring, you will be able to take additional practice tests, as recommended by the system, to monitor your progress and make adjustments in our plan.

The tutor works directly with a student on an online digital whiteboard with built-in audio calling. 

The tutor and student are both able to write at the same time and see each other’s work in real-time as if they were sitting next to each other, writing on the same paper.

PDF notes and worksheets are uploaded to the digital whiteboard. Students will have access to the board at any time while they are still customers, so they can review notes even when they aren’t on a call with the tutor.

You are only billed for each session that you book.

Our tutors work internationally. They are able to receive a high wage for their country while saving you tons of money.

All of our tutors are given intense training, so they are able to provide the same level of tutoring as you would get from someone in the USA.

Plus, our intelligent platform ensures that you are always studying the most important topics.

Are the tutors difficult to understand?

No. All of our tutors are vetted to make sure they speak clearly. They are hired from countries where English is spoken regularly.

Need Math Tutoring also provide cheap online math tutoring using the same online platform that is used for SAT prep. You child will work with expert math tutors with backgrounds in math, engineering, health, and other math intensive backgrounds. Math tutoring is the same price as SAT tutoring: $10 per hour. Our tutors can help students with third grade math up to Algebra 2/Trigonometry.

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