Bucky.ai was created to provide an affordable way for students to receive expert 1-on-1 SAT tutoring. Student flourish when they are given the attention necessary to ask have their questions answered and their struggles identified.

Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the cost of tutoring from the big name franchises that charge over $100 per hour. It is our goal to make tutoring affordable for more families, so they can start tutoring and afford the number of hours necessary to succeed.

Parent Company

Caddell Prep Inc. is the parent company to Bucky.ai. Caddell Prep was created after the founder, Glyn J Caddell, was laid off from an NYC engineering firm at the beginning of the recession. It provided the opportunity and incentive to switch gears and work on something that he really cared about: education. With an engineer’s approach, Glyn dissected standardized tests and grouped question-types and topics into his own categories which were used as the foundation of his test prep.

Education is not only extremely important to our founder, but also to the future of our country. Future advances in science and technology depend largely on the quality of the education available to students.

Glyn Caddell

Online Test Prep & Web-Based Math HW
President & CEO

New Jersey Institute of Technology
BS Mechanical Engineering

High School:
Staten Island Technical HS

SAT Score:
Math: 800
Critical Reading: 740
Writing: 650

Other Notable Accomplishments:
Staten Island Technical High School Alumni Association
Sept. 2015 – Present

NJIT Mini-Baja Team
Sept. 2005 – June 2006

Anthony Heath

Online Test Prep & Web-Based Math HW
Lead Developer

New Jersey Institute of Technology
BS in Computer Science

High School:
Staten Island Technical HS

Anthony is also the owner of PerfekTech Solutions. Anthony has developed over 100 websites and 10 apps. His prowess as a fullstack developer has been important to exceptional user experience and intelligence built into our test prep courses.