Our #1 goal at Bucky.ai is to provide families with affordable tutoring, so kids are able to get the help they need to succeed in school without being a financial burden. Our online math tutoring starts as low as $10/hour.

Our tutors are experts in their field. Many of them are math teachers and engineers. Some of them are even doctors.

The reason we are able to offer math tutoring for so cheap is that our tutors are from overseas. Our currency has a high conversion rate, so they are able to earn a great living for where they live, while it only costs you a small amount of money to work with them.

Live Online Math Tutoring

Online math tutoring is available for grades 3-12, including the following:

Our affordable tutoring sessions are done over Zoom and make use of an online whiteboard that allows students and instructors to share notes, PDFs, and write on the boards. All of the notes are stored, so students are able to refer back to them at any time. Children can also log into their whiteboards to complete homework assignments that may be given as practice.

How Online Tutoring Helps

First of all, tutoring is helpful because a child is able to focus on his or her specific issue. Many students are too shy to ask questions or admit that they don’t understand something in class. Many children are more comfortable in a one-on-one setting when other students aren’t there to judge them. Students are typically more open to admit their struggles to a private tutor than to a teacher and the entire math class.

Online tutoring helps the same way as regular tutoring, with some other advantages. 

Online tutoring is more flexible. It is easier to schedule and reschedule sessions when people do not have to travel to locations. It is also easier to attend the sessions since students simply have to log in from a computer or tablet.

Reviewing School Work and Completing Homework

One of the most common uses of tutoring, is help with math homework. Students simply have a recurring scheduled each week, 1-5 times per week, to work with a math expert to complete the math homework. Most important is learning the material and understand the math concepts required to finish the math homework.

For most students, a tutor and student can get through all of the math questions in a homework assignment in one hour.

Preparing for a Test

Some students schedule tutoring sessions a day or more before a test to review the different math topics that will be on the test. Working with the right tutor while preparing for a test can save a lot of time and energy, and lead to a better score.

Not only that, but it relieves a lot of stress for students when there is someone working with them and encouraging them.

Clearing Up Difficult Concepts

Students will undoubtedly come across a concept in math that doesn’t make sense. Maybe their teacher didn’t do a good job explaining it, or maybe the student just missed out on a piece of information that would have cleared everything up.

Whatever the reason is, online tutoring is a great way to clear up those confusing topics and help a student get back on track. 

Getting math help is a quick and easy solution to help improve a student’s confidence and grades.

Why Children Stuggle in Math Class

Many students struggle in math class. Math is the most common subject for a student to ned help with. 

In math, if a students struggles with one math lesson, it can easily lead to struggling in future lessons since each lesson builds on the previous one in math. 

For example, if a student doesn’t grasp the concept of fractions, then adding and subtracting fractions won’t make sense. Also, to add and subtract fractions, students need to understand the concept of multiples and least common multiple in order to get common denominators.

Later, fractions are used in ratios, proportions, and percents.

One problem in math, can easily lead to future problems. 

It’s not possible for a school teacher to identify each child’s reason for not understanding a concept. Maybe one child doesn’t understand multiples. Maybe another student doesn’t have multiplication tables memorized. Each issue can’t be reviewed.

However, a math tutor can work with a child in a one-on-one tutoring session and easily identify what the problem is. From there, the online tutor can review the weak concept, so the newer, more difficult concept makes sense.

Cheap Math Tutoring Online

When people hear the word “cheap”, they sometimes assume low quality, like a cheaply made product.

However, cheap math tutoring online is not a bad thing. Because of currency conversions, the cost of online math tutoring is very low for families in the USA, but the tutors in other countries are actually paid relatively high wages.

For example, a civil engineer in the Philippines makes about $10,000 (500,000 Philippine pesos) per year. That is a well-paying job in the Philippines.  The difference in currency, allows a math expert to work as a mathematics tutor for a low rate in the USA, but earn a lot of money for living in their country.

If you want your child to become an engineer in the future or work in STEM or just to learn from someone with a deep understanding of math, this is a great opportunity.